Do you need a second photographer? Well, the short answer is for no for 90% of the weddings I photograph I do not need one, however, I include them in every package from the start, and here is why.

Multiple locations and Travel

For fifty percent of the weddings I photograph their entire day takes place in one location, and for the other percentage my couples are traveling between locations. When you select a venue where both partners can’t get ready on-site you create a need for a second person. This way you can be in two places at once. Switching between two locations while you both are getting ready can be challenging and chaotic. Instead of missing out on moments my second photographer starts with your significant other. This ensures that not only do we capture all the candids, and getting-ready moments but we also have time to be creative. Plus most of the time we get lucky and the groomsmen are done getting ready on time so we can also knock out the groomsmen’s formals before the ceremony.

Image quantity and creative freedom

While I am overly confident doing a wedding solo I also understand that most couples are also looking for the best bang for their buck. Including an extra couple of hundred photos that my second photographer provides can make a really big and beneficial difference in your full wedding gallery.

Regardless of everything else one of the nicest things about having a second photographer on your wedding day is the fact I personally can focus more on you. My second photographer will focus on guest candids, details, and the overall experience and organization of your day. This allows me to give my full energy and undivided attention to you. Having time creates a ton of opportunities for real, authentic photographs. I want to give you and all my couples the best experience I can pre-wedding, during, and post-wedding!

Emergency situations

Last but not least my biggest reason for having an experienced second included in every wedding collection is for the unexpected. Illness and emergency situations should be prepared for by every wedding vendor. Hiring another photographer last minute without any knowledge of how they work, pose, or what their experience is is absolutely unethical to me. This is one of the most important days in your life. I want your experience by hiring a photographer to not feel last minute, and the best way to ensure that is by locking them into your date early on based on their own wedding availability. Knowing that in an emergency situation, I have a trusted and experienced photographer who works with me frequently should help us both sleep a little better in the weeks leading to your day.

Can you still get a great photographer, a wedding experience, and a beautiful full gallery without a second? Absolutely. Do what feels right for you! As I mentioned my wedding collection has a second photographer included in the package along with eight hours of coverage and your engagement session. If you would like to talk more about your wedding contact me here!




May 12, 2023

Reception photo taken by second photographer

Do I need a second photographer?

Katie Fanelli


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