Today I am going to show you two sessions. One of them was taken three years ago at the very start of my business, and the other one was just taken last month with the same couple! Photographing their engagement photos was such an honor, and to combine that with seeing the progress I have made as a photographer really melts my heart. I truly appreciate them sticking by me throughout the years and being apart of my growth as a photographer.

Here are a few photographs from their couple session in Annapolis, Maryland from the summer of 2017. Looking back at these images makes me cringe, but I’m so happy to see how far my style and posing have come.

Here are engagement photos of Nicole and Sam from this past June at Honeybee Flower Farm in Cordova, Maryland. Let us take a moment to just say “Wow, what a glow-up!” Not only do Nicole, Sam, and their adorable pup, Chunk, look absolutely stunning, but the photos just have such a vibrancy to them! I have learned a lot about how to find the light and find a flow with posing.

Honeybee Flower Farm Engagement Session
Honeybee Flower Farm Engagement Session
Honeybee Flower Farm Engagement Session
Honeybee Flower Farm Engagement Session

The difference is not just a new camera and more expensive lenses; although, they sure do facilitate the process! This is the culmination of years of trial and error with posing, editing, and workflow. At the beginning of my career, booking a session meant just making sure I had my gear charged and that I showed up to the right location. My workflow for each session is much more intricate now and includes sending out brochures of locations, session guides, contracts, retainers, and invoices. This has only made it easier to be more in control of sessions and to vastly improve the overall experience of the client.

I am so honored to have Nicole and Sam as a 2020 wedding couple this September and I simply cannot wait for their wedding at Rosewood Farms.

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July 2, 2020

Honeybee Flower Farm Engagement Session

Engagement session at Honeybee

Katie Fanelli


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