April 22, 2020

5 Eco-friendly Photographer Tips

Eco-friendly photography doesn’t have to be hard simple things can really make a difference when you combine them together. Want a few photography tips? I have 5 tips for being more eco-friendly as a photographer you can read right here!

1- Power consumption with all the electronics charging and your computer is plugged up is high. Make sure you unplug all your electronics as soon as they are charged and put your computer to sleep when you can.

2- Support other eco-friendly businesses around you.

3-All the one-time use of AA batteries can be replaced with rechargeable batteries.

4- Going to get rid of old prints or canvases? Reuse the back of prints like a notepad or gift your clients the prints and canvases!

5- Donate or sell unused camera equipment, if you don’t use it someone will!

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