Being a second shooter for a new photographer can be a little intimidating. Have you ever wondered what main photographers are looking for other than quality photos? I have a few tips that will make any second shooting day go much smoother! I personally love second shooting weddings, but when I first started I had no idea how to impress the main photographer. To facilitate this for new wedding photographers I have listed these 5 Tips for second shooting a wedding.

First- Communicate properly. Get a timeline and block off your calendar for the wedding. Ask if they have a shot list for second shooters. Here is a shot list example.

Second- Do not promote yourself. This is a time to promote the main photographer. Ask for their business cards or be aware of their business name and social media tags. While you will not be bringing exposure to yourself and your business, you are gaining valuable experience.

Third- Take care of the main photographer. Get the main water, new batteries, SD cards, and lenses when needed.

Fourth- Get different angles. Use different lenses and angles that the main will not be able to capture from their position. Get low, get far, get close.  Check out my second shooting page to see real examples.

Five- Get behind the scenes shots when time allows. All photographers need extra content to post and there’s nothing better than a good shot of a brides reaction to a SOOC shot.

Leave a comment below with any tips you feel readers should know!


December 9, 2019

Peach May Photography | Behind the scnes

Tips for Second Shooting A Wedding

Katie Fanelli


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